Soweto, Gauteng

Soweto, Gauteng

SHAN is an award-winning photographer, artist, and freedom fighter from East Baltimore. Using the lens to document the various communities of the African diaspora, SHAN's work explores the experiences, identities, inequalities and injustices of black life. Her work serves as photographic reportage of Blackness, working to convey and reveal the social, cultural, and political narratives of Black communities. 

SHAN's work has been featured in the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, Essence, the Baltimore CityPaper, BET,  just to name a few. She's also traveled, exhibited, and distributed photographs in Cuba, South Africa. 

BLACKS AND BLUΞS is the search engine to black life, infrastructure, and storytelling. Utilizing the lens in order to illuminate the seamless merging of art and life by assembling colored and black-and-white images. BLACKS embodies black people and the culture, while BLUΞS represents colored images, but also, the timeless blues Black people encounter.